grana silk. everyday.

At Grana, we are passionate about defining our products in the modern age of luxury.

We believe in fighting fast fashion, one item at a time, with quality, functionality, and product longevity.

The best part? Our items are always priced at only half the markup of conventional clothing, so you can buy better without breaking the bank.

Minimalist and Effortless Style

Our signature Grana cut is designed in-house to create effortless, everyday silhouettes that are both timeless and on-trend. We believe in slow fashion, where goods are crafted to last, so you can enjoy your Grana pieces for years to come.

the most authentic silk in the world

At Grana, we are in a continual pursuit of the world's finest fabrics, and we are proud to offer you the world's most authentic silk from Huzhou, China.

Known as the "City of Silk," Huzhou boasts a silk heritage dating back 4,700 years - long before the Silk Road even began. This rich history inspires our timeless silhouettes that are sure to last.