the journey is never ending

A Quest for Perfection, Never Complete

Since 2014, our mission has been clear: travel the world in search of the finest fabrics.

And still, our journey never ends.

Now, after years of seeking out the softest, most luxurious fibers and yarns, we introduce Supima cotton - the epitome of cotton perfection.

why supima cotton ?

Supima cotton is aptly called "the cashmere of cotton." Rare, luxurious, and excessively soft - achieving the excellence of Supima represents the pinnacle of American cotton cultivation.

Supima is 1% of cotton produced worldwide. Grown by dedicated farmers in the Southwestern United States, who meticulously tend their fields with respect for the land, conserving vital soil nutrients and water through sustainable practices.

Supima cotton

the crème de la crème in the cotton world

Supima cotton oversized crew neck tee

Supima Cotton only gets softer with time.

Supima cotton oversized crew neck tee in sundried tomato