Why Grana Silk

As one of the lightest, strongest, and most breathable fabrics around,
we make sure you only feel silk’s luxurious qualities and never the
luxurious price tag. How, you ask?

1. honest prices

All Grana silks are meticulously handcrafted at the source location before personally packed at our warehouse to send to your home.
We use quality factories that sometimes coincide with luxury designer brands for the same product. However, with our unique business model, our retail prices are always only a fraction of theirs - for the exact same level of quality in product.

The Split Neck Tunic in our first Silk Cotton blend. Combining the best of both worlds of 30% Chinese Silk and 70% Cotton, voila 100% machine-washability.

The Silk Jumpsuit in Vintage Indigo is coming soon! Just like its original classic best-seller it's crafted with 100% Silk CDC in stonewashed matte.

The Tiered Maxi takes inspiration from our best-selling silk cami into a full ethereal silhouette. Body: 100% Silk CDC; Skirt: 100% Silk Double Georgette for extra fluidity.

2. custom engineering

We always keep our customers in mind with fit while staying true to timeless and minimal designs.

Our Chinese Silk is custom engineered into 2-ply strength and varieties of contemporary finishes from stonewash matte to traditional shine.

3. ancient fabric, modern colours

Silk was historically so luxurious that only Chinese Royalties had access to it. From farm to body, our team ventured into Huzhou, The Silk City that dates back 4,700 years; before the Silk Road began, to find you the world’s most authentic silk.

Married harmoniously with our bold, modern colours, our Chinese Silk has become so beloved that it is now a key driver of the Grana brand.