Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan

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Color: Natural White
Size: M

Crafted from 100% Grade-A Mongolian Cashmere

Incredibly soft and lightweight, warm yet breathable. This signature piece is one of the most flattering essentials you'll find. This exceptional rib-knitted piece is from pure cashmere with substantial handling, that combines four different knitting styles in one shirt and fitted with an exquisitely elegance pair of subtle pockets on the side.

undyed mongolian cashmere

Soft and lightweight, warm yet breathable, cashmere has long been reserved for the shelves of luxury boutiques. Our undyed cashmere take the game to next level, the fiber does not have any chemicals and artificial substance. It won't have any uncomfortable sense of touch, which is better for skin. And it still comes from Inner Mongolia where the climate, with its harsh winters and boiling summers, has produced the hardiest goats in the world. In spring, they are combed by nomadic herders to remove their fine, downy undercoat. It is this hair which makes our cashmere so soft.

Size & Fit
True to size for a regular fit, or size up for a relaxed fit. Please refer to our refined sizing chart, the garment measurements have been fine-tuned for a more optimal fit. You may consider to choose one size up, if you have previously own the same style.
Julio is 186cm tall and is wearing a size M for all items.
Care Guide
Hand wash,Dry clean

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