Up to 8x warmer than sheep’s wool despite being significantly lighter in weight. It's little wonder why our honestly priced mongolian cashmere has always been a cult favourite.

Surviving and Thriving in Extremes

The goats of Mongolia have mastered the art of thriving in extremes.

Facing temperatures that swing from minus 40°C to plus 40°C throughout the year, Mongolian goats have evolved to grow the hardiest, highest quality cashmere wool in the world.

Nature's gift of pure luxury, born from necessity.

Harvesting Nature's Most Luxurious Gift

Cashmere goats endure harsh climates thanks to their dual coat: coarse outer hairs that keep the cold out, and a remarkable undercoat of ultra-fine cashmere that keeps them warm from within.

After facing the bitterest winters, herders hand-harvest cashmere goats' precious downy undercoat - gently combing tufts of fleece from their coats - spinning the soft fibers into the downy softness we treasure.

Discover that you won’t know how you have lived without.