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This Winter: No Black

By the time the first snowflake falls, your summer wardrobe that was once full of colourful and flowing fabrics has been replaced by black – it’s a funny phenomenon that takes place in capsule wardrobes worldwide. But why? Is your closet mourning summer? Or, is your wardrobe trying to absorb every ray of sunlight that passes through the clouds between December and March?

Winter is long and cold but that shouldn’t mean muting the colour in your capsule wardrobe. So this winter let’s do a little dabbling in the colour department. Because whoever said we’ve all gotta look like a group of roaming dementors this winter needs to chill-out and play with some colour schemes.



Correct, navy is safe and often grouped with black because it’s easy to match, layer and has an ambiance of class. Navy shares a lot of the benefits of black, without being black. Using a classic colour like navy is a safe way to go about inviting colour into your winter wardrobe and weaning off black.


Something Out of Nothing 

Make an exciting outfit out of a not so exciting hue. How? Try a tonal outfit with a simple colour, like grey on grey on grey. The best way to do up a monochrome outfit is by using different textures and fabrics so you can give your look dimensions and depth instead of looking like a freshly set concrete wall.


Jewel Tones

Not only are colours encouraged, colour mixing is also A-Ok. So try going full-fledge by playing around with jewel tones. Colour mixing means that you don’t have to hush down your outfit if you don’t want to. If your ensemble wants to yell, then belt it sister.


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