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Let’s Talk About Silk

The craft of silk is near and dear to our hearts. Having been reserved exclusively for nobility for centuries, we enjoy bringing the luxury of Chinese Silk to you, for an affordable price. Being one of our most popular fabrics, we’re always looking for ways to get innovative with silk. That’s why we recently introduced silk jersey, silk cotton and silk charmeuse.

Silk Jersey (yes, it’s 100% silk)

Though Silk Jersey feels and looks different than our crepe de chine or satin, it’s also crafted from 100% Chinese silk. Silk Jersey is made by looping the silk yarn to produce a light to medium weight fabric with a smooth and flat surface, while the back of the fabric has a texture of tiny loops. This fabric boasts a spectacular flowing drape and is a sleek, soft and stretchy fabric that creates a fluid silhouette against the body. Silk Jersey’s flexibility, and wrinkle resistant nature also make it ideal for traveling.

Silk Charmeuse (a shiny, yet subtle lustre)

Silk charmeuse is made using a satin weave which gives the fabric a beautifully smooth finish. It’s softer and lighter than our other satin and the sheen creates a muted subtle lustre. Because of the way it’s made, silk charmeuse it’s often considered more expensive and delicate. It also works as a softer version of silk, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter. The fabric’s delicate drape and luster make it ideal for drapey blouses and tops. And it really gets to show off in fluid and slinky cuts, which is why we’ve designed just the thing.

Silk Cotton (our first ever blended silk)

We’ve taken our Chinese Silk and blended it with cotton to combine the best of both fabrics. Silk Cotton is lightweight, absorbent and soft making it the perfect fabric for trips to the beach or city walking on a summer day. The fabric is voile, a lightweight plain weave that gives it a silky, slightly sheer, sheen. Silk Cotton’s airy, silken drape allows for a new look and feel that’s unlike other 100% silk options.

We want your silk to last. That’s why we craft it from the finest silk we could find. Here are some helpful tips on how you can increase the longevity of your silks’ life.


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