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How to: Pick the Right Knitwear for a Minimalist Wardrobe

Add these pieces of knitwear to your minimalist wardrobe. They’re functional, versatile and duh, very wearable.

We know that less is often more and hey, sometimes more is more, but unfortunately, more isn’t always the case when it comes to our closets. So here’s a guide to picking the most practical and versatile knitwear to include in your minimalist wardrobe.



Do you.

Don’t get distracted by shiny things. Some shops are wall to wall with clothes that look great but may not be for you. So once something has caught your eye ask yourself, will you ever wear this? If yes, then make yourself answer, when? No you don’t need to buy a dress that would be absolutely perfect for a +1 invite to an non-existent spring wedding. Don’t lie…Johnny and Karen probably aren’t getting hitched this year, that’s right… put it back.

Choose pieces that you feel good in, suit your style and will compliment other staples in your wardrobe. Remember that transeasonal pieces always score brownie points on the minimalist wardrobe test. A colour may also be very stylish and in season now but if it’s not you, don’t buy it.

Get a Sweater That Hugs Just Right

A navy or black wool fitted crew neck always looks clean and simple on it’s own. The beauty of it is that it can also be paired with a collared shirt for a chic up-do. A piece that can be worn multiple ways typically gets a ticket to the minimalist wardrobe.

A Transeasonal Sweater Tee 

Great for that in-between weather. Depending on your lifestyle this would be a great transitional piece from office attire to casual weekend.  It can be worn layered or easily just as a tee on it’s own – giving you a tidied-up casual look. If you’re looking to stray a bit from the basic minimal colours, then try adding a pop of burgundy for a fresh but still versatile hue.


The Cardigan is a Layering Wizard 

cardigan is versatile for its buttons and ability to change, closed or open. Closed? Open? Open. We love the relaxed left-open look paired with a shirt and jeans for optimal functional casual. Or it can be worn over your favourite dress for a night out.  Talk about transformer.    


Invest in One High Quality Knit 

A classic and luxe staple, cashmere goes a long way in a wardrobe. Warmer than merino wool, this is the type of sweater that will have your back in the winter. A fitted cashmere sweater has a more complimenting shape and is a style that is more or less timeless.


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