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How to: Care for Your Cashmere

So you’ve splashed out and jumped on the cashmere bandwagon. It’s a damn soft wagon isn’t it? Cashmere’s ability to be layered up or worn on its own make it a great investment.
We want to help you keep your cashmere fresh for as long as possible, so here’s how to care for your cashmere*.

We’re all adults here, so we trust you to know when the time is right to launder your clothing. That said, a lot of people avoid washing their cashmere under the impression that doing this helps to keep the fabric in top condition. A lot of people would be wrong, because cashmere is made by spinning lots of hairs together to create one single strand of yarn, making it porous in nature and therefore actually more susceptible to dirt and odour than other fabrics. This means not washing it will actually speed up the ageing process. We recommend you clean your cashmere as often as often as it gets dirty.

Bathe Your Cashmere 

Cashmere needs to be dry cleaned or hand washed. Since we didn’t think you need directions on how to drop your cashmere off at the dry cleaners, we’ve outlined the basics of cashmere care instructions for hand washing.

  • Use warm water and only a little bit of a gentle detergent.
  • Soak your cashmere in soapy water.
  • Use fresh cold water to gently rinse the fabric.
  • Loosely ball it together and push it against the side of the sink to squeeze out water.

Don’t rub the fabric against itself or pull it, because both can cause pilling and stretch. Do not ring out your sweater – this will stretch it out of shape.

Always Fold

A lot of people don’t know, but cashmere likes hangers about as much as a cat likes a bath (read: NOT AT ALL), and for good reason. Hanging your cashmere will stretch it out of shape and you’ll be left with a wonky garment that will no longer sit properly. This is why you should always store your cashmerMaurice Make folded.Maurice Mak


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