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Women’s for Men: How to Widen Your Wardrobe

Options. Everything feels better when they’re available – including your wardrobe. Guys, a great way to expand yours is by exploring what gems are to be found for you in the womenswear department.

We find ourselves shopping in the women’s section typically for fits and fabrics that aren’t available in menswear. Depending on the what you’re looking for, clothing designed for women can offer the perfect solution. Not only do women’s clothing have more styles and fabrics, they also run in smaller sizes. So if you’re looking for a nice pair of skinny jeans, or if you want the soft caress of silk, then check the women’s section.

Society has a really bad habit of telling us what is ‘normal’ and what is not, but the truth in this case is that men in womenswear (just like women in menswear) is no biggie at all. We should be wearing whatever makes us feel good. It doesn’t matter what label you find stuff you like filed under – who wants to be limited by labels anyway?

So guys, here’s how we incorporate women’s pieces into everyday looks.

men in womenswear

men in womenswear

men in womenswear


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