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Ladies, How to Wear Your Menswear

So, you’re into the oversized feel. You take your tops with a side of tent, and love that extra wiggle room around your waistband. We hear you and we get you. Nowadays, there’s plenty of  oversized styles that offer a tailored fit to the woman wearing it. But there is something to be said for skipping the tapered women’s styles and going straight to the men’s section. We think that with the right tucking, sizes, and cuts you can achieve a comfortable fitted look with straight-up menswear. Even that gathering and bunching of excess fabric has a style and charm of its own.

women in menswear

Teeny Tiny Details 

In the grand scheme of fabrics that cover our bodies (aka clothing), there are less styles made in menswear compared to womenswear. This slant in production often leads to menswear having higher quality, and more care in subtle details, like stitching, buttons, and its tapered fit. So, because less styles are made, more attention is paid to the details and quality of the ones produced. Menswear often has a more muted or monochrome colour selection – which sometimes, is all that a lady’s looking for.

women in menswear

What Will Work?

Men’s clothing that typically work well on women are shirts (i.e. button downs), tees of the v-neck and crew neck variety, sweaters, trousers and slim or extra slim fitting jeans. When buying menswear, remember to size down to get the right oversized look. If you want to add some more femininity to your look then this is a great opportunity to accessories up with footwear and jewelry.


women in menswear

Someone’s Having a ‘Moment’ 

People say fashion is having an androgynous, or non-gender-conforming moment, but we think this is more of a social change than fashion driven. Things like labels, boxes, and ‘gender roles’, all seem when you think of where we stand and are headed as an equal society today. No one should be confined to buying clothes because of who it’s labeled for. We say, wear what you want, forget who things are labeled for, and wear whatever makes you feel good.

women in menswear


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