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Fabric Story: TENCEL®

It's more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Meet our new eco-friendly fabric TENCEL® - it's also machine washable.

Only joining the world in the 1990s, TENCEL® was created as an eco-friendly and cost efficient alternative to other popular human-made fabrics.TENCEL® comes from timber; and not just any timber, but from wood pulp that is harvested from sustainably managed forests.

In addition to its sustainably managed source, TENCEL® is also made using a closed loop manufacturing process; which means that 99.95% of the water and solvents used in production are reclaimed, recycled, and used again.

We like the fabric for its positive environmental impact, strong, soft, absorbent and wrinkle-resistant characteristics. We also couldn’t agree more with the fact that TENCEL®garments are fully biodegradable and help in the effort to reduce environmental waste. Oh, did we mention it’s machine washable?



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