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5 Must Have Pieces for a Minimalist Wardrobe


First of all what is a minimalist wardrobe? Don’t worry it doesn’t mean you have to just throw out absolutely everything. It also doesn’t mean only neutral colours or even necessarily small in size. Surprised?

What it does mean is a wardrobe that’s as functional as possible. Full of pieces that suit your style and lifestyle, can be mixed and matched to create a number of outfits and most importantly things that you actually want to wear. Because let’s be honest, how many of us are guilty of holding on to that one-hit-wonder party dress or designer piece you got a sale that you know deep down you’ll never wear again? Raise your hand, okay that’s a lot of hands…put them down.

The first step to minimalist wardrobe is acknowledging that there’s a crowd control problem happening in your wardrobe. So, this is how to strip down and tighten things up in your closet.


  • Choose pieces that suit your style and feel true to your aesthetic.
  • Think about your life and work. E.g if you don’t work in a corporate setting, why buy office clothes?
  • Pick colours and fabrics you feel good in.
  • Carefully select things you can wear for more than one season.
  • Opt for things that can be mixed and matched – they are the very best.


  • Buy things just because they are cheap.
  • Go for something that’s “on trend” but you don’t really feel comfortable in.
  • Buy something if you can’t make at least 3 outfits with it, pairing with things you already have.
  • Hold on to things you’ll never wear again
  • Buy more party dresses that are unwearable after that one event.

So how do you get started? While it’s all well and good to start from scratch, we don’t have unlimited budgets. With that in mind we have put together our top 5 recommended pieces for starting your own minimalist wardrobe. Essential, foundation pieces that you can build on in future to create a more functional wardrobe that is true to you and your style. They are all quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Not just in fashion/trend terms but also literally good quality and won’t fall apart on you. They will go with anything and everything already in your wardrobe and most importantly are within a realistic budget.


A Great Pair of Jeans

This is a no brainer. Jeans are something that you wear several times a week – the ideal minimal wardrobe piece. Choose the fit and colour that work best with your lifestyle. As a general rule light are more casual and dark are more formal so have a think about what you will get the most wear out of.

A Dreamy Cashmere Knit

Quality knitwear never goes out of style and grade A cashmere is naturally long lasting when looked after. Remember something that is wearable, durable and doesn’t date is exactly the kind of thing you need. Same rules about colour and fit apply. Go for what works for you rather than what everyone else wearing.

However, this doesn’t mean that you automatically rule out brighter shades though. Yellows and greens will go just as well with staple bottoms like denim, black and white. So, if you’re into a brighter colour and will wear it at least once a week, then go for it. Adding a pop of colour here and there is also a great way to make your wardrobe feel fresh and up-to-date.



A Classic Shirt

Everybody should have a classic shirt they can go to. White is the flat-out winner in this category but free to try different fabrics before finding the style you feel best in. Things like the drape and fit of a shirt can vary with the fabric so don’t be afraid to explore things like silk, poplin, linen or an oxford.

A Silk Camisole

Not too dressed up and not too casual, perfectly in the middle and just right for so many occasions. Here you don’t need to focus on colour – just pick something you love and will wear often. Choose a style that you feel comfortable in and that will match things you already have. Try a racerback or v-neck camisole, or you could move to a tank or a shell cut top for a bit more coverage. Pair with denim shortsjeans, skirt or even under your power suit. This little baby swings every way.

The Perfect T-Shirt

Go for a strong and durable cotton like Peruvian Pima in a versatile, wearable colour. White, black, navy and grey are the safest options since they match nearly everything. They’re also a great supporting act to any bolder statement bottoms you own.



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